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Wording for Religious Announcements

[ Baptims/Christening ] [ First Communion ] [ Bar/Bat Mitzvah ]


We're joyfully bringing our son/daughter
into the love and grace of God's family.
We invite you to celebrate
the Baptism of

Help us celebrate love and new life,
as we dedicate our son/daughter,
----------------------(Name), to God
You are invited to attend the
Baptism of our daughter/son

Our darling little angel
was sent form heaven above.
Please celebrate her/his baptism
and surround her with your love!
Our baby is a blessing, who is beautiful as can be...
Come help us welcome her into God's family!
Please worship and celebrate with us
as our son/daughter is Baptized

On this day we place our child
in God's care forevermore.
Please join us for the
Baptism of our daughter/son

Our tiny treasure,
more precious than gold,
has captured our hearts
forever to hold!
Join us for the Christening
of our son/daughter
(Parent's Names)
Joyfully invite you to share the
Christening of their son/daughter

This precious gift
from heaven above
will be welcomed into
Christ's family with love.

You are invited to attend the
Christening of (Name)

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First Communion

(Parent's Names)
request the pleasure of your company
at a celebration in honor of
the First Holy Communion
of their son/daughter

You shared my union
with Christ in Holy Baptism.
Now celebrate with me as I receive my
First Holy Communion.
This celebration of Christian Faith

(Name) would like you to join
him/her and his/her family
to celebrate his/her
First Holy Communion
The bread of life . . . the cup of joy . . .
this will be a blessed day

(Parent's Name)
have the pleasure of inviting you to the
First Communion of their
son/daughter, (Name)

(Name) will receive the
Sacrament of Holy Communion.
Please join us on

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Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Please join our family as we celebrate
the BAR/BAT Mitzvah of our

Please join with us as our SON/DAUGHTER
accepts the responsibilities of
our tradition when HE/SHE becomes a
BAR/BAT Mitzvah

A rich tradition of yesterday.
The bright promise of tomorrow.
I invite you to share a
precious moment in my life

Because you have touched our lives
with your friendship and love,
we invite you to join us in creating
a cherished memory as our
is called to the Torah as a

With pride, joy and mostly with love,
we invite you to join us as we celebrate
the BAR/BAT Mitzvah of our

For everything there is a season,
a time, and a purpose . . .
Come celebrate with us when
our SON/DAUGHTER, (Name)
will be called to the

We would be honored to have you
worship with us on this happy occasion.
The richness of tradition, the excitement of youth,
the promise of tomorrow, and the precious moments of life.

(Parent's Names)
invite you to share this special moment as their
is called to the Torah as

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