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Wording for Children's Birthday Parties

[ one ] [ two ] [ three ] [ four ] [ any age ]
[ girls parties ] [boys parties ] [ animal themes ] [ pool parties ]

One Year Old

Please join us for some Birthday fun.
Our little girl/boy is turning ONE!

I learned to laugh and squeal,
then sit and stand.
Now I can walk if you hold my hand.
But the fun has only just begun...
Look out, I'm turning ONE!

One little candle,
placed on the cake.
One 1st little Birthday wish to make!
A Birthday Party honoring

Cake and icing in the hair
I am ONE Year Old and I don't care...
Pictures, balloons, presents for me,
I'd rather have the box, if you please!
Please join us for a
Birthday Party for

Come to my party and celebrate a bit.
See my first cake, I'll be wearing it!

After 12 months in the minor leagues
is hitting the big O-N-E!

Sweets & treats
and lots of fun!
Let's celebrate as
turns the Big ONE!

On (Date)
I will be ONE!
Mommy and Daddy said
"come join the fun!"

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Two Years Old

Our little girl/boy is turning TWO
We can't wait to celebrate with you!

Calling all cowboys, spurs,
ropes & cowboy hats.
Saddle up -
Don't forget your chaps!
Come celebrate our buckaroo,
(Name) is turning TWO!

(Name) is turning TWO!

(Name) is turning TWO!
Let's celebrate with a
train ride at the zoo!

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Three Years Old

Ice cream and cake,
what fun it will be.
Our little girl/boy
is turning THREE!

Isn't life grand, when you are THREE?
You can be a movie star or princess -
What ever you want to be!

is turning THREE,
And he/she wants you to
come his/her
Birthday Party!

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Four Years Old

(Name) is turning FOUR
There will be fun galore!
Please help us celebrate
on this important date!

Join us for a day
of fun galore...
Our little Princess/Prince
is turning FOUR!

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Any Age

Party Heart-y!
Is turning (YEARS)
And you are invited to
Celebrate with him/her at a
Birthday Party!

We're blowing up balloons
and icing the cake!
There's a big Birthday Party
that we hope you can make!

Any way you slice it,
it'll be a great time!
You're invited to a
Birthday Bash in honor of

Turning (AGE) is so much fun.
Let's have a party second to none!
Help us celebrate (Name) Birthday

A special birthday
is almost here.
Please join us for some
fun Birthday cheer!

Hurry, hurry don't be late,
We need you here to celebrate!

"B" is for Birthdays
bright and sunny,
With lots of treats
sweet and yummy!

Calling all knights and fair maidens too!
Princess/Prince (Name) summons you
To an afternoon of birthday play...
Come make this a royal day!

It's hard to believe
He/she is growing so fast
but it's true,
the time has come at last!

(Name) is celebrating
his/her (#) birthday
So help us celebrate,
have fun, & play!

Itzza Pizza Party to celebrate
the (Name) (Years) Birthday

There'll be lotzza pizza
and lotzza fun for everyone!
The scoop is . . .
is turning (Years)!
Please join us for a
Birthday Party

What's better than having
the Circus in town?
A birthday party with
lots of Clowning around!

Toot the horn!
Bang the drum!
It's a party!
Can you come?

It's time again to enjoy
some good ol' birthday fun!
Let's play & dance, sing & paint
as (Name) celebrates another one.

Here's the Scoop!
You are invited to join us
as we celebrate
(Name) (Year) birthday
Dress for mess
and come ready to eat
ice creams best!
Hip Hip Hooray-
It's My (Years) Birthday,
So come & eat lunch
We'll have cake & play!

No time for sleep;
We'll stay up all night-
Watch movies, chit-chat,
& tell tales of fright!

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Animal Themes

Swing on in for a
Jungle Full of Fun . . .
(Years) Birthday Party

Ain't no Lion about it,
You'll have a

All the Animals in the zoo
have joined together to invite you!
to a Birthday Party for

Through the jungle
and under the sea
the word is out
it's a party!

We're celebrating
(Year) Birthday
down on the farm,
So join us for the party
in the Big Red Barn!

Give us an oink!
(Phone Number)

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Girls Invitations

Lipstick, make-up, hair in curls
It's so fun being girls!
Come and dress up with me
We will look so pretty!

Calling all Groovy Girls
to the Dance Floor!
Get down
Boogy, Oogy, Oogy-
at (Name)
(Year) Birthday

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!
Come one and all to the
(Year) birthday ball honoring
Princess (Name)
of the House of (Last Name)
(Last Name) Castle on (Address)

Ooh la la...
How ‘bout a night at the spa!
We'll be princesses for a night
We'll get our nails done...oh what a delight!
"Yes" is what we hope you will say
and come to celebrate
(Name) (Year) Birthday!

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Boys Invitations

The giraffe stretches his neck to see;
the elephant waves his trunk with glee;
the seal twirls his ball with joy,
in honor of the birthday BOY!
(Name) is turning (#) years old!
You're invited to a birthday party!

Tractors, Bulldozers, Trucks Galore!
is turning the BIG 4!

We're hauling in a mound of dirt,
so don't put on your favorite shirt!

Join us at (Place)
for"loads" of fun!

Hauler if you can't come!

This"lad" is turning SIX!
Celebrate (Name) birthday
with fun and lots of tricks!

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Pool Party

Summer sun,
beach balls and fun;
Stay up all night
'till dawn's morning light.

You are invited to join us
for a Shell-abration
Under the Sea
in honor of

"Suits me"
If you'll come to my party!

(Year) Birthday Bash
Come make a Splash
and let's take a Dive
As we help
Celebrate turning Five!
Sink or swim, call (Name)

Join us at the pool - under the sun...
We'll celebrate with (Name) - it will be so much fun!
(Date) - come make a splash!
Arrive at (Time) - it will sure be a blast!

Soon (#) candles
will top (Name) cake
and we're going to celebrate
with a day at the lake!

Join us for a
Big Splash as we celebrate
(year) Birthday